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#13 Main Street Batticaloa

House for Sale in Batticaloa Town

  • Property type: House
  • Offer type: For Sale
  • District: Batticaloa
  • Neighborhood: Batticaloa Town
  • Property size: 13.5 Perches
  • General Hospital: Near to 100M
  • Vincent Girls High School: Near 500M
  • Michael's College: Near 400M
  • Batticaloa Town: Near 200M


  • Attached Bathroom
  • Bed Room
  • Dining Room
  • Electricity
  • Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Surrounding Wall


House for Sale in Batticaloa Town (100M Near Batticaloa General Hospital)

மட்டக்களப்பு நகரில் வீடு விற்பனைக்கு (போதனா வைத்தியசாலை 100M அருகில்)

  • 13.5 பேர்ச்ஸ் உறுதி காணி
  • 3 படுக்கை அறைகள்
  • Attach Bathroom
  • Jack Tree
  • கிணறு & Line Water
  • Vehicle Parking Available
  • மட்டக்களப்பில் உள்ள பிரபல பாடசாலைகள் மிக அருகில்
  • மொத்த விலை : 3 கோடி 50 லட்சம்
  • Call Us : 075 530 8305
  • Whatsapp us for more Details


  • 13.5 Perches Deed Land
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Attach Bathroom
  • Jack tree
  • Well & Line Water
  • Vehicle Parking Available
  • Very Near to Top Schools in the Town
  • Total Price : 3 Crores 50 Lakhs
  • Price can be Negotiable
  • Call : 075 530 8305

Price in International Currencies :

  • US Dollar = 26,549 USD
  • UK Pounds = 21,464 £
  • Euro = 24,8806 €
  • Canadian Dollar = 36,636 CAD
  • Australian Dollar = 41,379 AUD
  • Norway Krone = 185,891 Krone
  • Swiss Franc = 24,173 CHF
  • New Zealand Dollar = 45,090 NZD
  • Qatari Riyal = 96,652 QAR
  • Kuwaiti Dinar = 8,186 KWD
  • Omani Rial = 10,220 OMR
  • Saudi Riyal = 99,596 SAR
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham = 97,507 AED

Benefits of Buying a House in Batticaloa Town

Convenient Location:

Batticaloa Town is often centrally located within the city, offering easy access to essential amenities such as markets, schools, hospitals, banks, and government offices. Living in the heart of the town provides convenience and saves time on daily errands and commuting.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

Batticaloa Town typically boasts well-developed infrastructure, including paved roads, public transportation networks, electricity, water supply, and telecommunications services. Residents can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with access to modern amenities and utilities.

Educational Opportunities:

The town may host reputable schools, colleges, and educational institutions, providing quality education and opportunities for children’s academic and personal development. Proximity to educational facilities can be a significant advantage for families with school-going children.

Healthcare Services:

Batticaloa Town often features healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, ensuring residents have access to medical care and emergency services when needed. This can provide peace of mind and prompt medical attention in case of health emergencies.

Commercial and Retail Options:

Living in Batticaloa Town means having access to a variety of commercial establishments, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues.

Residents can enjoy shopping, dining, and leisure activities within close proximity to their homes.

Community and Social Life:

Town living fosters a sense of community and social interaction, with opportunities to engage with neighbors, participate in local events, and be part of community initiatives. This can lead to meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

Property Value Appreciation:

Houses in Batticaloa Town may experience appreciation in value over time, driven by factors such as urbanization, population growth, infrastructure development, and increasing demand for centrally located properties. Investing in a house in the town center can potentially yield capital gains in the long term.

Security and Safety:

Town areas often benefit from better security measures and law enforcement presence compared to more remote or rural locations. This can contribute to a safer living environment and lower crime rates, enhancing residents’ overall sense of security.

Resale and Rental Potential:

Properties in Batticaloa Town typically have good resale and rental potential due to their desirable location and access to amenities. Homeowners can benefit from rental income if they choose to lease out their property, providing an additional source of revenue.

Urban Lifestyle:

Living in Batticaloa Town offers an urban lifestyle with a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities. Residents can enjoy the vibrancy of city life while still experiencing the cultural heritage and charm of Batticaloa.

Overall, buying a house in Batticaloa Town can offer a combination of convenience, amenities, investment potential, and quality of life, making it an appealing choice for homeowners and investors alike.

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House for Sale in Batticaloa Town
House for Sale in Batticaloa Town
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